Thursday, September 17, 2009

San Joaquin Valley

I sometimes wonder what country we live in. I cannot believe that the United States Government would deliberately put farmers out of business because of some "rare"species of fish. (The Delta Smelt) This Endangered Species Act has gone too far. I'm sorry, but no animal is so valuable as a species that it's continued existence should put people out of work. Enough is enough. I like animals as much as anyone, but I'm also realistic enough to believe that they should not be protected at the expense of human progress. 12% of American agricultural output comes from California, and a large part of it from the San Joaquin Valley. Thanks to the Endangered Species Act, farmers cannot get water piped in to irrigate their crops because of an "endangered" minnow. This crap has got to stop. It's time we told the Federal Government that their unelected, unaccountable alphabet soup agencies are going to be held accountable for their misguided actions. Some fish or plant or animal cannot and should not be allowed to impede progress in this country and should certainly not be allowed to deprive our farmers of water to grow their crops. Crops that you and I eat. These enviro-nazi animal rights wackos should remember one thing: Don't cuss out the farmer with your mouth full. I am a descendant of farmers, so I know what they go through to make a living. The last thing they need is bullshit from some government alphabet soup agency or a gaggle of misanthropic animal rights nazis.

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