Thursday, March 10, 2011

Governor Walker? KUDOS! And Keep Up the Good Work!

Maybe now, the Obamaites and their union thug buddies in this country will finally get the message that We the People are not your f**king cash cows!!! Keep it up Governor Walker, kudos to you! And to you Stalinist a**hole union puke pieces of sh*t that are trying to get Scott Walker and Wisconsin state senate Republicans thrown out on recall elections; GUESS AGAIN MOTHERF***ERS!!! AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!!! We the People are awake now, and there are more of us than there are of you. Get used to it you c**ksuckers, you're no longer going to get more benefits and higher wages than someone like myself for doing a comparable job just because you're a member of a public employees union. Next thing Governor Walker needs to do is get rid of teacher's tenure as well as state university professors' tenure. Man I'd love to see the fireworks that would result from a decision like that! I hope to hell it happens. I'd love to see public sector unions outlawed and disbanded in perpetuity. As far as I'm concerned, if I lived in Wisconsin, the way I see it is, my taxes are paying the freight for these greedy bastards. When it comes to the private sector, I can choose not to buy goods and/or use services that have unionized employees. When it comes to government, I HAVE NO CHOICE!!! I have to put up with the same overpaid(state bus driver in Wisconsin as an example being paid $100,000 a year) underworked apathetic a**holes that I deal with whenever I'm forced to make use of government services. So why do these greedy sons of bitches think they're so goddamned entitled to my money!!!??? Why do they think they're entitled to golden parachutes??? (Big fat pensions, free health insurance for life, etc.) We are all heartily sick and tired of paying ever higher taxes and tributes to these government c**ksuckers. This bullsh*t has to stop. Thank God for Governor Scott Walker. I only hope the governor of the state in which I reside has the same amount of balls. As for you union thugs, KISS MY ASS AND GO F**K YOURSELVES!!! YOU'RE THE ONES WHO SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

No More Emails

Okay everybody, that is the few of you who read this stupid blog. I am no longer going to be posting anything that I receive in email on this site. I have been extremely lazy these past few months, not using the good brain God gave me to put my own thoughts on paper, or on computer screen in this case. I've been intellectually dishonest lately and I apologize for it. The people who read this blog deserve better. And for my many detractors out there, especially those of you on the Left, NO I HAVE NOT BEEN THREATENED WITH A CEASE AND DESIST ORDER NOR HAVE I BEEN THREATENED WITH A LAWSUIT!!! As much as it would please those of you  Communi---er Lefties in this country to have me thrown offline under the new unconstitutional FCC rules, let me tell you this: AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!!! So from now on, what you read on this blog will be in my own words, not the words of someone else. Thanks your your understanding and your patience. I won't let you all down.