Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Now I'm a Right-wing Domestic Terrorist

I am 100% dead set against government run health care in any way shape or form. So I guess that makes me a domestic terrorist. Obama & Company can't win their side of the argument about health care on merit, so they have to lash out and call people like me, your humble writer, nasty names. I haven't been to a town hall meeting yet, but I for the most part, support the people at those meetings that are speaking out against government-run health care. It seems that if I'm against some bureaucrat determining what kind of treatment I get for a certain condition or disease or injury, that makes me no better than the Taliban or Al Qaeda. I assume they'll start comparing me to Timothy McVeigh as well. I guess I'm a domestic terrorist because I don't want to wait for long periods of time to get treated at some government run hospital or clinic the way people do in Canada and Britain. I'm a right-wing extremist because I have yet to see anything in the United States Constitution that provides the means for the government to run health care. The people who attend the Tea Parties are bloodthirsty Al Qaeda operatives because they're tired of Obama and his Socialist minions taking more and more of their money to spend on government programs that they neither want or need. I'll go back to one of my previous posts when I say it seems Obama & Company believe in the the First Amendment only when people say things they agree with. Maybe I should watch what I type on here, or I may be getting a knock on my door from the Secret Service or the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms or the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
P.S. Have you ever noticed we have too many "Bureaus" in this country?

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