Monday, September 21, 2009

Nixon: Whipping Boy for the Left

A little history tonight. Hopefully this post will show you to what extremes the Left is willing to go in order to gain and hold on to power in this country. On August 9, 1974 a man resigned from his job; that man was Richard Milhous Nixon, the 37th President of the United States. Ostensibly, it was the third-rate burglary known to most of us as Watergate that forced him to resign the office. But the real reasons run much deeper than that. Nixon was the favorite whipping boy of the left for one reason and one reason only: He brought down Alger Hiss, an American spying for the Soviet Union while working for the U.S. Department of State during World War II. Hiss was a top official at the State Department and became a trusted adviser to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt at the Yalta Conference with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Soviet dictator and mass murderer Joseph Stalin in February, 1945. It is believed Hiss was the man who influenced Roosevelt's decision to cede much of Eastern Europe and a third of Germany to Stalin after Germany finally capitulated. In 1948, Alger Hiss was named by Whittaker Chambers as a Soviet spy before the House Un-American Activities Committee, a special subcommittee of which was chaired by Congressman Richard Nixon of California. Nixon doggedly pursued the Harvard-educated Hiss' associations with the Soviets and because of this fact, Nixon would be forever labelled as being resentful of the Ivy League. Because of Richard Nixon's perseverance, Alger Hiss was eventually convicted on two counts of perjury and sentenced to five years in federal prison. He actually served four years of his sentence at the Federal Penitentiary in Lewisburg, PA. Because Nixon had the audacity to ferret out a high-level Soviet spy and the temerity to defend his country, he would be forever loathed by the Left in America. Watergate gave liberals the excuse they needed to bring down Nixon's presidency. These are the same people that Obama has surrounded himself with. I know, I know the names are different and the situation is slightly different, but the ideology is still the same. The names change, but the malevolent ideology of Communism and Marxism will always be the same.

Source: Treason by Ann Coulter

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