Friday, April 9, 2010

Obama's Nuclear Option

So now we won't use nuclear weapons unless we're attacked by a country that also has them. What a good policy there Mr. Obama! Congratulations! You again gave away our intentions to our existing and potential enemies. I can't help but wonder if there's another motive for this treason....err madness. Let's say, God forbid, we are attacked again in a similar 9/11 type scenario, but one much worse. Could it be that our illustrious president is going to use the occasion of such an attack to keep himself and his Congress in perpetual power? A hypothetical situation: One of our major cities is hit by a dirty bomb or a chemical or biological weapon. In the ensuing chaos the military will be placed on war footing like never before, and martial law will probably be declared. What would stop Obama and Comrades from declaring, "The midterm elections of 2010 must be 'temporarily" suspended until we get this crisis straightened out......" ? What's to stop him from doing it? I know most will say, "But there's no Constitutional precedent for any head of state to do such a thing, no matter what the situation is!" My answer to that is: "Since when does this president give a damn about the Constitution?" Look at his recent activities since he's been in office!" I'm hoping to God it never comes to this, but my gut feeling is that the Left/Progressives in this country, given their track record, do not give their power up easily. Look at the way they got Obama into power in the first place and look at the way they rammed health care "reform" down our throats. Obama and his minions know that We The People are very angry, and that we're counting down the days till November 2. Watch out for any politician that talks about the "right" of any president to suspend elections due to a national emergency. The fact is, there's is absolutely no Constitutional precendent for doing any such thing. This would be Obama's Nuclear Option to keep himself and his Congress in power:  By suspending elections. I fear we're being set up for a fall of horrifying proportions come this November.

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