Wednesday, April 21, 2010

From Chuck Baldwin: The Southern Poverty Law Center's "Patriot Hit List"

In a report on its web site dated April 2010, entitled "Meet The Patriots,"the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) profiled "36 individuals at the heart of the resurgent [patriot] movement." (In reading the list, I counted only 35 "patriots" and 5 "enablers" for a total of 40. I'm not really sure how the SPLC came up with "36." Perhaps their ability to count is commensurate with their ability to appreciate patriotism and liberty.) The SPLC (founded by Morris Dees) sees itself as America's guardian against "right wing militias" and loves to label conservatives and libertarians that it doesn't like as "extremists." The SPLC is one of the most ultra-liberal organizations in the country and should be dismissed as a group of paranoid leftists, not worthy of thought or mention.
The sad truth is, however, our federal government has chosen to exalt the SPLC to the position of being its "go to" source for information regarding "potential domestic terrorists" and similar characterizations. As a result, the information and reports disseminated by SPLC wind up in police reports and bulletins all over the United States. As an example, the SPLC had its fingerprints all over the infamous MIAC report. One could even question whether the SPLC is merely a front organization for Big Brother.
Therefore, it is highly likely that the report negatively profiling 40 American patriots will find its way into Department of Homeland Security (DHS) fusion centers and be distributed to police agencies all across the
country. So, should the 40 people who find themselves targeted by SPLC expect some kind of government/police attention? Are we really that close to Nazi-style persecution in America? If the SPLC has its way, the answer seems to be a definite yes.
I remind readers that in the book, Nazi Justiz: Law of the Holocaust (page3), there were five steps to Hitler's plans for the destruction of European Jews.

Step 1: Identification/registration of the targeted group as a public menace.

Step 2: Ostracism of the targeted persons.

Step 3: property confiscation.

Step 4: Concentration of members into geographical locations.

Step 5: Annihilation. In this latest report, SPLC seems quite willing to
accomplish steps 1 and 2.

Here are the 40 names that are targeted in the SPLC report (and guess who is
listed at the very top? Yours truly):

1. Chuck Baldwin, Pastor, Radio Broadcaster, Syndicated Columnist, 2008
Constitution Party Presidential nominee.

2. Joe Banister, former IRS special agent, tax protester.

3. Martin "Red" Beckman, tax protester

4. Catherine Bleish, head of the Liberty Restoration Project.

5. Chris Broughton, Second Amendment advocate, member of "We The People"

6. Bob Campbell, head of American Grand Jury.

7. Robert Crooks, Army veteran, retired commercial fisherman, anti-illegal
immigration proponent.

8. Joseph Farah, CEO of World Net Daily

9. Gary Franchi, producer of "Camp FEMA: American Lockdown," national
director of

10. Al Garza, head of the Patriot's Coalition, an anti-illegal immigration

11. Ted Gunderson, retired FBI agent.

12. John Hassey, "The public face of Alabama's militia movement in the late
1990s," says SPLC.

13. Alex Jones, Radio Talk Show host.

14. Devvy Kidd, "prolific columnist, blogger, and public speaker."

15. Larry Kilgore, telecommunications consultant, former US Senate candidate
from Texas, pro-secession advocate.

16. Cliff Kincaid, syndicated columnist and author, editor of AIM Report
(Accuracy in Media's publication), founder and president of America's
Survival, Inc., a UN watchdog group.

17. Mark Koernke, associated with the now-defunct Michigan Militia.

18. Richard Mack, former Graham County, Arizona, Sheriff, author, and public

19. Jack McLamb, former Phoenix, Arizona, police officer, author, and public

20. John McManus, former member of the US Marine Corps, president of the
John Birch Society.

21. Daniel New, father of Michael New (the Army medic who refused to wear a
UN uniform), author, public speaker.

22. Norm Olson, founder of the now-defunct Michigan Militia.

23. Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America.

24. Stewart Rhodes, Army veteran and Yale Law School graduate, founder of
Oath Keepers.

25. Jon Roland, computer specialist, founder of the Constitution Society.

26. Luke Rudkowski, founder We Are Change.

27. Robert "Bob" Schultz, founder of We The People.

28. Joel Skousen, editor, World Affairs Brief.

29. Jim Stachowiak, Radio Talk Show host, "Longtime militia organizer,"
claims SPLC.

30. John Stadtmiller, founder, Republic Broadcasting Network.

31. Orly Taitz, California attorney, a leader in the push to make President
Obama disclose his US birth certificate.

32. Amanda Teegarden, executive director of Oklahomans for Sovereignty and
Free Enterprise.

33. Mike Vanderboegh, anti-Obama health care activist.

34. Paul Venable, former candidate for the Idaho House of Representatives.

35. Edwin Vieira, Jr., attorney, author, proponent of constitutional State
militias, lecturer.

36. Michele Bachmann, US Representative from Minnesota.

37. Glenn Beck, Fox News Channel TV host.

38. Paul Broun, medical doctor, US Representative from Georgia.

39. Andrew Napolitano, attorney, former State judge in New Jersey, Fox News
Channel legal analyist, lecturer.

40. Ron Paul, former member of the US Air Force, medical doctor, US
Representative from Texas, 2008 Republican candidate for President.

From Chuck Baldwin

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