Monday, November 30, 2009

CPO Barrett Must be Turning Over in His Grave

Putting Navy SEALs on trial for giving a terrorist a fat lip? Where I come from, we give people medals for doing that. More politically correct bullshit that is tearing our country apart, with the Left's enthusiastic approval. Just as well because they hate America anyway. I can't imagine what Roy Boehm is thinking right now. If we keep putting our military personnel on trial for doing their job, then we as a nation are in serious trouble. This "sensitivity training" and "politically correct" indoctrination of our military has to stop. Otherwise we will not be able to survive and thrive as a country. As the title of the piece says, CPO Everett Barrett must be turning over in his grave. Barrett was the man who trained and mentored the famous Navy SEAL Richard Marcinko, and I cannot imagine what Marcinko's thinking about this travesty.

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