Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hey Kids, Let's Tell the Enemy What Our Strategy Is!

I really think, (notice I said think and not "believe") that Obama doesn't want to win the War on Terrorism. Why else would he broadcast to the world that he's sending an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan and then say he's going to bring them all home in 2 years? (Just in time for his re-election campaign.)  Is it possible to prosecute a sitting president for treason? Or is what he did not considered treason anymore since we're to be humble and apologetic to those who want to kill us?  (Is an apology and humility tour of the Taliban camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan next?) Next question is, if what Obama did is treason, is it even considered a crime? Do we prosecute people for treason or sedition anymore?  Or will Obama, if he wins a second term bow down to the next  leader of Afghanistan, who will be a Taliban/Al Qaeda puppet due to the fact that Obama's policy will ultimately cause defeat for the United States and victory for our enemy.

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