Monday, November 16, 2009

Now They Blame Guns for the Fort Hood Terrorist Attack

I was wondering how long it would take Chuck Schumer, Richard J. Daley, Jr, and all the other gun control wackos to start blaming guns, the Second Amendment, and the NRA for the terrorist attack on Fort Hood.
As someone who owns guns (and by the way knows how to use them and is proud of the fact that I know how to use them) I know from personal experience that guns cannot load, aim, or fire themselves. Guns are an inanimate object that can do no harm to anyone unless a human being picks one up loads it, aims it, and squeezes the trigger. Nidal Malik Hassan is the one responsible for the terrorist attack on Fort Hood, not the NRA, the Second Amendment, Smith&Wesson, Colt, Glock, Ruger, etc. But one could also lay the blame at the feet of an increasingly politically correct military/political structure in this country. None of the soldiers at Fort Hood were armed, obviously. If they would have been, Hassan would not have gotten anywhere near as far as he did. It took a civilian federal police officer, Sergeant Mark Todd, to eventually bring the terrorist down. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we at war? And when at war, aren't U.S. soldiers supposed to be armed and ready for any contingency?  Even in CONUS? (CONtinental United States for those of you in San Francisco) Oh wait, I forgot guns kill people and military personnel can't be trusted with firearms, because (gasp) they might have the temerity to defend themselves and their fellow soldiers from a terrorist attack with said weapons. I realize the military has to be regulated, but that should only be as far as their dealings with the civilian population (Posse Comitatus). But when you're in their territory, they have every right, no a duty to defend themselves, their fellow soldiers, and any civilian on that post by any means necessary. If I visited a military post and saw armed soldiers and Military Police, I would feel not threatened but safe and secure knowing that if anyone tried to attack me while on that post they wouldn't get too far. Because I know they're American soldiers, not some gang of Communist Red Guards or Nazi Stormtroopers. I would trust my life to an American soldier, Marine, airman, or sailor before any politician, especially a politician with an anti-gun axe to grind like Chuckie Schumer.

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