Sunday, May 2, 2010

From someone who works at The Kennedy Space Center (sent to me in email)

Hi Friends:

Thought you all might like to know what the "visit" from the President to the workers at the Kennedy Space Center was really like. The day before the meeting, a 747 landed and unloaded 6 limousines and a small army of his security staff. They drove 3 miles to the building where he would be, checked it out, then turned around and drove back and got into the 747 and left. (Your tax dollars at work).
The meeting was held at one of the smallest buildings on KSC. All the staff in this building were told to stay home and not come to work. Then only 40 guests were invited to hear him speak. ALL DIGNITARIES AND VIPS AND NOT ONE, I REPEAT NOT ONE, WORKER FROM ALL THOSE THAT WORK HANDS ON AND ACTUALLY WITH THE SHUTTLE WERE INVITED.
It was so staged and phony, it just makes my blood boil. Then that man said he wants to land on an asteroid!!!! Idiot. Here he is giving the Space Station to the Russians who want to charge us 100 million dollars per seat to fly one of our astronauts to the Space Station.
Just another case of the stacked deck. Rumor now has it that the last mission also may be canceled.

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