Saturday, March 6, 2010

Presidential Arrogance, Low-Class Chicago-thug Style

So now our "president" addresses senators and congressmen by their first names when they have to call him Mister President. It's a typical intimidation tactic used by corporate chieftans, MSM media interviewers, and organized crime thugs. It just illustrates what this "president" is all about: power, control, and dominance over the people of this country. Given half a chance, this man would be a dictator, a third world banana republic dictator and we'd be his "loyal" supplicants. "John, the election's over, you can stop campaigning..." what an arrogant bastard. Mr. Obama you're a thug and no president. In order to be president, one must understand the United States Constitution; something that this man doesn't. He should go back and read articles I, II, and III  all of which tell you all about separate but co-equal branches of government. He's the president, not the King, or Emperor or Maximum Leader as Noriega in Panama referred to himself. Mr. Obama is basically a low-class Chicago thug, nothing more, nothing less. Bravo to John McCain for standing up to this thug and not taking any crap from him.

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