Monday, March 22, 2010

Bye Bye Democrat Party

R.I.P. Democrat Party, you just f*cked up real bad by passing this Communist/Marxist/Progressive abortion of health care "reform" over the weekend when you thought the American people weren't paying attention. Well Dems, I hate to tell you this, but WE WERE PAYING ATTENTION!!!! We were jamming the House switchboard with phone calls, warning you not to pass this Marxist Monstrosity. But as usual, you arrogant bastards didn't listen. Your holier-than-thou, we know-better-than-you mentality trumped the will of the American people. Well Dems, time's caught up with you. You're not going to get away with passing this unconstitutional legislative piece of sh*t. I'm betting the Supreme Court will overturn it, and if they don't you will be voted out of office this November. Then the Republicans/Conservatives will gain a substantial majority in both houses and repeal this piece of legislative sewage, and because of the huge majorities the GOP will gain in both houses, your boy Obama won't be able to veto the repeal because the GOP/Conservative controlled Congress will override the veto. Sorry Democrats, but this November will be a political bloodbath for your party. And it will be a tremendous victory for the real Americans  (Conservatives, Libertarians, Classical Liberals, etc.) You f*cked up by taking your mask off and finally revealing what you really are. You are Communist/Marxist/Progressives that need to be, and will be, brought down and reduced to political irrelevancy. Your time has come, and none too soon. You have been wiping your collective ass with the United States Constitution for far too long now and enough's enough. You will be reduced to political irrelevancy this November 2.  You've had 100 years to f*ck this country up. Hopefully it won't take the real Americans as long to make it right again. Oh and by the way, if you try to keep yourselves in perpetual power by election fraud, beware! We're watching! You've awakened a sleeping giant and the giant is pissed off. And if any of you lefties/progressives reading this are offended by the coarse language in this post I have this to say, kiss my ass and go fuck yourselves.

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