Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Random Tidbits and Outrages.

1. Member (college professor) stating that they're infiltrating the military to get them on their side for the coming revolution.

2. NY judge says they can return to Zucotti park, sans camping gear. (After the park was cleaned and pressure washed of filth left behind by Occupiers).

3. Pres Obama openly encourages the Occupy Movement.

4.Strange how the Occupy Wall Street movement most likely voted for Obama, but they despise Wall Street; the organization that got Obama elected in the first place.

5. Shooting at the Occupy Oakland movement, in anti-gun Oakland, California.

6. Many rapes occur at various Occupy tent cities around the country.

7. 78 year old woman pushed down the steps at Occupy D.C. after attending Americans for Prosperity dinner.

8. Radio talk show host Glenn Beck called The Anti-Christ at Occupy Wall Street.

9. Occupiers reveal themselves to be anti-Semites.

10. American Nazi Party supports Occupiers.

11. Communist Party USA supports Occupiers.

12. Various Occupiers caught on camera urinating and defecating on sidewalks, police cars, etc.

13. Many small shops and businesses forced to close due to Occupier vandalism.

14. Social networking and smart phones used to gather Occupiers at various cities nationwide.

15. Wall Street Occupier berates Jewish Concentration Camp survivor.

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