Tuesday, November 23, 2010

North Korea

Today, the North Koreans shelled a South Korean island with civilians living on it. People are speculating what the US will do about it beyond lip service and platitudes, and the answer is: NOTHING! I hate to tell you good folks, but we cannot and will not do anything about North Korea, or any other nation in the world unless they attack this country directly, and even then with who we have as president, I doubt we would retaliate. The reason we cannot and will not do anything is this: WE ARE NO LONGER A SUPERPOWER! I know that hurts, and I know that shocks, but we are no longer a superpower. China is the world's sole superpower now. The United States stopped being a superpower for probably the past 5 years at least and to prove what I'm saying is correct, look at where just about everything you buy at WalMart, Home Depot, Lowes, or any shopping mall is made: CHINA! The People's Republic has almost 2 billion people living in it. 2 billion Communist slave laborers which is the reason why American manufacturers have closed factories in the US and moved them to China. Cheap slave labor. That and the fact that China holds all our debt, which makes it next to impossible for American made products to compete internationally. This may seem like a huge digression from North Korea, but it isn't. Here's how the two tie together. We, the United States of America no longer have the economic or military trump cards to hang over the world's head anymore. If we threaten action against North Korea, Kim Jong (mentally) Il will laugh at us and China will say, "America? SHUT UP! You're not going to take any kind of action against North Korea or anyone else unless we (China) give you permission to do so."  Because China holds all our debt, they theoretically have the power to do that. Let's face it everybody, we are no longer the world's sole superpower. We are no longer even a second rate power. And as far as I'm concerned, we brought it on ourselves. Pretty soon it's going to get to be questionable if we can protect our own security, let alone defend any other nation. And as far as being the world's policeman forget it. This may be the tipping point folks, this may be the start of the "times that try men's souls."

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