Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beck Hits it Out of the Park

I had the great pleasure of attending the Glenn Beck/ Special Operations Warrior Foundation Restoring Honor event yesterday, 8/28/2010 in Washington D.C.. We left at 5:00 in the morning, we meaning two friends and myself, and drove to the Shady Grove Metro Rail station near Rockville, MD. The ticket office didn't open till 7:00AM, and already there was a long line. After waiting in line for an hour and forty-five minutes, we finally got our tickets and boarded the train. It took half an hour to reach Metro Central in D.C., where we finally debarked the train and walked from 13th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue to the  National Mall. My feet were singing Ave Maria by this time. We could not believe the number of people that were lined up on both sides of the reflecting pool from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument. The mood of the crowd was upbeat, everybody was courteous to each other there was no pushing or harsh words spoken by anyone. Beck, Sarah Palin, Reverend C.L. Jackson, Doctor Alveda King, and Marcus Luttrell were all fantastic speakers. I left the event with a feeling of hope and a renewed determination to do what I can to help put this country back where it should be. The event showed  that we all matter, and that a hero can be anybody. Anybody. And that race and color are irrelevant. It opened my eyes to the fact that if we all do our part, our country can once again be returned, restored to it's rightful place of honor and greatness. More importantly, the event reinforced my faith in God, and showed me that the Almighty will not allow this nation to perish from the earth, as long as we do our part. Glenn Beck hit it out of the park, and no matter what the so-called "mainstream" media and other bloggers say to downplay or mischaracterize this event, half million Americans will firmly disagree. Myself included.

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