Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cap & Trade Will Ruin the U.S. Economy

The Cap & Trade bill being considered by Congress will destroy American sovereignty and subjugate us to the whims of the United Nations. If you think there's too much Made in China junk being sold in this country now, you ain't seen nothing yet if this abominable piece of legislation passes. There will be almost no manufacturing in the United States whatsoever if Cap & Trade passes. If you don't believe me click on the links below  and see for yourself:

YouTube - Is Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty?

What will cap and trade mean for American consumers? « Wintery Knight

Sarah Palin - A 'Cap and Tax' Road to Economic Disaster -

Martin Feldstein - The Folly of Unilateral Cap-and-Trade -

God Bless Lord Christopher Monckton for having the balls to speak up about this legislation. Too bad nobody in a position of power in the United States will do the same.

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